the graphic novel
Zack del Pollo is the new park ranger in town and he soon finds that
Gangrene Gulch, Alaska isn't Mayberry. It's a town populated with all
sorts of odd "woodsy" folks, including a pretty, young coroner's
assistant, a narcoleptic dispatcher, two slightly inbred tow
truck/ambulance drivers, a herd of hippies, several puppets, a mountain
pirate and oh yeah, an ancient, homicidal half man/half moose.
Written by Darin and Chad Carpenter and illustrated by Lucas Elliott.
152 pages -  8.5 X 11 - Full Color
A rash of bizarre moose trampling incidents has the residents of
Gangrene Gulch, Alaska on edge.  In an attempt to restore the
natural disorder to the quirky little town, newbie park ranger Zack
Del Pollo and his crusty boss team up with beautiful
librarian/coroner's assistant, Samantha Greene to solve the mystery.
They find themselves hoof deep in supernatural chaos.
112 minutes - PG 10ish
MOOSE The Movie Blu-Ray
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